This Is Rubish.

Dear Friend, You know who I speak of is you. I have no doubt that you will soon realize what a grave mistake you have made. The fact that you would refuse me in a time of need. Oh how it greatly saddens me. After all we have been through. Im not sure you recognize the dame you will have done. Im sure that you will indeed survive the catastrophe with out a doubt due to your preparedness. I only hoped that you would try to extend a hand toward me in what im sure will be our darkest our. Maybe you dont realize the full extent of your desicion not to take me in. Your moment of complete regret will come though. I assure you that. Because i vow to return. After the tragic death im sure will end me, i will come back. As one of the very beings who took me. Due to your selfishness. And when i do, i will come straight for you. Maybe you will hesitate. Maybe you wont. Maybe I will finish you off by eating your brains. But maybe i’ll just do it quickly. Maybe i wont make you suffer. Maybe i will just infect you and then leave you to cope.

And maybe, just maybe, by the time the ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE has come you will have come to your senses. And we will stand side by side as you fight off ZOMBIES with the unatural skill you have while i stand and watch. I know you dont see it now, but i think i would be of great use in the event of a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE. Your going to need an alarm. For when the ZOMBIES are coming forward to eat you. and we both know that i would do well with that job. For when presented with a horde of mutated beings who are about to eat us we all know that i would be screaming profanity’s the loudest.

Dear Friend. I urge you to reconsider. Please dont leave me to die alone at the hands or teeth shall I say of a diseased creature. I beg you. Save a place beside you. Please. Save Me.


I Should Probably Be Doing Something Else.

So, today in last period the chick next to me asked if i could put music on her mp3. Yeah, sure i have no problem with that. So i tell her to just write a list of songs she wants on there. And when i tell you that i am greatly disapointed in todays musical society i mean it. What logical person would listen to a song titled “We be steady mobbin” by a man who has the word “Lil” before his actual name. Is he a midget? No. Then whats up with the “Lil Wayne”? Is there some sort of message there? What exactly is he saying with the “Lil”? Anywa, she also has the song “Fireflies” by “Owl City”. That would be perfectly fine. If she actually listened to one of there songs besides that one due to the fact that “Fireflies” was the only song on the radio. I asked her if she liked Owl City and she said yeah i love them there so good. But when i pressed for further information like which song she liked besides fireflies she came up blank. I think that im going to completly ignore this list and show her what real music is. I wonder what her reaction to Bloodhound Gangs The Bad Touch would be? Hmm. Deffinitly going to put that on there. But in other news, Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I dont really have an excuse. Except for laziness. Hmm. What else do i have to say here? Not much. Wow isnt this exciting?


Apparently Im A Carbon Copy Of My Sister.

I have reached a new high. My sister just said “Me and friendsname discussed it and you are totally a carbon copy of me.” And i am so okay with that. Because who wouldnt want to know exactly whats going to be going on in your life four years before it happens? And if all goes as planned, im pretty sure im gunna be okay. She’s doing okay in my opinion. And she’s pretty kick ass so if i get to be half as cool as her i’ll be just fine. And no i am not just saying this so she wont kick my but i actually mean it. I honestly have heard the words “Your just like your sister” escape my mothers mouth followed with a sigh way to many times. I dont get it. I would kill to be just like Danie when i grow up.


And now im done.

This is for you Mr. Old Cafeteria Man.

I think i have a new respect for teachers. Never will i doubt a teacher at my school again. Well, thats a lie. But whatever. At least i now respect one teacher in that school. If he is even a teacher….Hmm. Thats something to think about. Anyway. Im sitting at lunch today and i take my phone out because i was gunna text my sister and be like hey whats up call me im bored man. So im sitting there. Texting. Not even trying to hide it. Because i was tired and stuff. When out of no where mr stealerofphones comes walking by and grabs my phone. He doesnt say anything. He just keeps walking. Immediatly i give him the bird(to his back of course) And then im just sitting there all pissed off cause he took my phone when this old man taps me on my shoulder. i look up and he says “here. dont tell anybody” and hands me my phone. While silently praising this unknown man mr stealerofcellphones walks by and says “I gave your phone to the office. Your parents can get it at the end of the week.” Old man you are my new hero. I will find out who you are.

That was really all i had to write about today. Wow my life is boring. Thats all.

Hello Stupidity.

Alright. Today in first period my english teacher took my work. Why? You would think so he could grade/correct/make sure i did it or something. But you would be so wrong. You see, he did not know how to do the assingment he gave the class. So when we were going over it and he was giving us awnsers i pointed out that his awnsers were wrong. he then had me stand in front of the class and explain to him why it was wrong which took about ten minutes. And then he took my paper and said can i copy this? Honestly? Thats like whoa oxymoron emphasis on the moron. But anyway. We had a sub in math which was boring. Science gave a whole new meaning to the words need to know basis. So im just sitting there minding my own buisness. When the girl next to me turns around and starts talking to the boy behind me and the boy behind her. What were they talking about? No. Not some tv show or anything normal. They were talking about how she was fucking three months pregnant. And she was doing this loudly enough for the whole class to hear. What made it worse was when she said “and im not even 15 yet.” But the best part. The part that made me want to burst out laughing was ” im not sure if its dylans, mitchells, or ryans.” Seriously. I just wanted to lean over and smack her.

Well my ranting is finished. Bye now. Remember. Dont have sex or you’ll get pregnant and die.

They Wont See Use Waving From Such Great Heights.

Not sure if today counts as a good day or not. Pretty sure it does but there’s always something that makes it not such a good day. Like having the fact that the world really is as messed up as i think it is shoved in my face. But other than that it was pretty chill. My two new classes make my day so much better. Especially science. 😀 I just got confirmation on some pretty epic stuff my dear people who i do not know….Huh. I love the fact that i go on and on like i actually know whoever is reading this. Strange. Anyway. im not currently at liberty to discuss this certain confimation but in due time. In due time. Untill then lets get some lists going. Im a fan of lists.

Reasons why I like my new creative writing class:

1. Its better than spanish.

2. It means i get to actually spend a period writing nonesense and not get yelled at for it.

3. Ha. This is a short list.

4. Did i mention it wasnt spanish?

Reasons why i like my new science class:

1. That one kid.

2. The morons in that class give me a chance to show off my amazing tellofftheworld skills.

3. It means that i go to class put down my stuff and then go straight to lunch instead of havint class then going to lunch then coming back to the same class.

4. I have a feeling the idiots in that class will provide me with endless humor due to their stupidity.

5. Oh. Yea. That one kid.

Farmville on facebook…Whatrs all the fuse about? I dont understand it.


Whats Really On My Mind…WTF

Today my creative writing teacher told us to write whats really on our mind. I seriously wanted to point out the fact that half of the subjects on that classes minds were probably inapropriate so they just wrote bullshit. But i didnt. Lame. Science was good. So was lunch. And after school waiting for the bus. that was chill too. Reasons? You dont need to know. Yet. Blah my food is done. Bye for now.