Introduction to no one.

Hello interwebs. I would be Aimee. If you are looking for actual content or amusment look else where. The following will mainly be me rambling about absolutely nothing. It is currently 12:43 in the AM. I should be sleeping and im incredibly tired but sleeping is vastly overrated. Wait. Maybe I should tell who ever you are about me? Assuming you dont know me. Or anyone is actually reading this. Anyway. Im Aimee. Already said that. Im fifteen but who cares? I live in my mind and rarely step outside. Which would explain paleness of my skin. Im a sophmore at an incredibly moronic school where all the teachers have it out for me. And no im not being paranoid. They realy are. But im sure i will soon post an entire blog filling you(whoever that may be) in on that later. What else….Im a vegetarian. Wow i am so lacking things to write about here. I can already tell that im going to give up on this in a few days. Maybe not. We’ll see. Sorry to cut this short folks but im beggining to bore myself. Farwell dear unknown subjects.


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