Here’s to you Ms.White. And kid from science class.

So. A few things I have to hit on today so lets jump right in.

1: In the hopes that you one day stumble across this i would like to thank you. For all the notes and your help. I just got my blue notebook back and i read your note in it and it is now on my wall of things. And the name of that song is We’re All Wasted by Cartel. I hope you read this someday and contact me. Or not. Whichever. I know you will make a great teacher.

2: I finally got to switch out of my spanish class today. It was amazing to walk in to that womens class, hand her my textbook. And then just walk out. Liberating ya know? Maybe that isnt the right word. Oh well. Im using it anyway. Get over it.

3: The class i am now taking instead of that was only available during 3rd period so they switched my science with that. Which means im in creative writing and then a different science. Same teacher. Just a different period. Writing pretty cool i guess. Didnt do much today.

4: My new science class is deffinitly going to be amazing. Mainly due to a kid coming up to me and the conversation going like this: Him: Hi. what are you doing?” Me: “Oh nothing just scribbleing” Him: “Okay. My names (insertnameherewhichiwontdoforreasonsandnoihavntforgottenityet).” He holds out his hand. Me: “Im Aimee” takes his hand to shake it. Him: “Or you could hug me” Me: *Hugs* After a bit more blahblahblah I mentioned i was from new york. Him: “thats ironic.” Me: “…Why?” Him: ” Im from new york too. I moved here in the middle of last year.” That automatically made him cooler than anyone in that class. And im eating lunch with him next time i show up to school. Can anyone say new best friend?

5: There was no number five.

And that concludes my list.





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