Holy Dogs In Space Suits.

Ello puppet.

My previous assumption was wrong and it is in fact snowing again today. Which means we had another snowday. Yay. I wanted to go outside but had no one to come with me. So i sat inside and glanced back and forth between the tv and the window. Pretty boring. And so is this post. Im really just posting so i can mention this:

I think there is a slight possibility that i am being haunted. My evidence: The overhead light in my room. It keeps flickering. Not on and off. From bright to…less bright. And it has been doing this for a few days….No i am not sure how that translates into me being haunted but i dont have any other excuse for why it keeps doing that. Agh! It just did it again. Its like it knows im talking about it…..Which begs the question “Can inanimate objects know things?” Hrmmmm. PonderPonderPonder.

And with that.

I leave you.

So long.

And goodnight.


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