Whoopdeedoo For Snow Days.

Hello. I am finding it difficult to type due to the frozeness of my hands. It snowed today. Which was….great and pathetic at the same time. Not alot of it stuck to the ground. It will probably all be gone by tommorow. Oh how i will miss you snow.

Anyway, apperently the state of tennesse gets out of school not only for snow. But for the temperature too. We also have no school tommorow because it is going to be to cold…..I dont understand that. Anyone ever hear of a jacket? However, if the powers that be do not wihs to get out of bed therefor canceling school i refuse to stand in there way. Its against my morals. Or something like that.

The snow reminded me of last year when all of my dads friends got together and built a huge snow man. And by huge i mean litterally. A bulldozer was used. No. Not a bulldozer….The one with the arm thingy that can like pick stuff up and more it….Whatever. Needless to say, it was there for a while. Of course they had to do this when my leg was broken so all i could do was just kinda hobble around and watch. It was still fun.

By the way. I know its really early but who’s doing NaNoWriMo?


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