Hello Stupidity.

Alright. Today in first period my english teacher took my work. Why? You would think so he could grade/correct/make sure i did it or something. But you would be so wrong. You see, he did not know how to do the assingment he gave the class. So when we were going over it and he was giving us awnsers i pointed out that his awnsers were wrong. he then had me stand in front of the class and explain to him why it was wrong which took about ten minutes. And then he took my paper and said can i copy this? Honestly? Thats like whoa oxymoron emphasis on the moron. But anyway. We had a sub in math which was boring. Science gave a whole new meaning to the words need to know basis. So im just sitting there minding my own buisness. When the girl next to me turns around and starts talking to the boy behind me and the boy behind her. What were they talking about? No. Not some tv show or anything normal. They were talking about how she was fucking three months pregnant. And she was doing this loudly enough for the whole class to hear. What made it worse was when she said “and im not even 15 yet.” But the best part. The part that made me want to burst out laughing was ” im not sure if its dylans, mitchells, or ryans.” Seriously. I just wanted to lean over and smack her.

Well my ranting is finished. Bye now. Remember. Dont have sex or you’ll get pregnant and die.


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