They Wont See Use Waving From Such Great Heights.

Not sure if today counts as a good day or not. Pretty sure it does but there’s always something that makes it not such a good day. Like having the fact that the world really is as messed up as i think it is shoved in my face. But other than that it was pretty chill. My two new classes make my day so much better. Especially science. 😀 I just got confirmation on some pretty epic stuff my dear people who i do not know….Huh. I love the fact that i go on and on like i actually know whoever is reading this. Strange. Anyway. im not currently at liberty to discuss this certain confimation but in due time. In due time. Untill then lets get some lists going. Im a fan of lists.

Reasons why I like my new creative writing class:

1. Its better than spanish.

2. It means i get to actually spend a period writing nonesense and not get yelled at for it.

3. Ha. This is a short list.

4. Did i mention it wasnt spanish?

Reasons why i like my new science class:

1. That one kid.

2. The morons in that class give me a chance to show off my amazing tellofftheworld skills.

3. It means that i go to class put down my stuff and then go straight to lunch instead of havint class then going to lunch then coming back to the same class.

4. I have a feeling the idiots in that class will provide me with endless humor due to their stupidity.

5. Oh. Yea. That one kid.

Farmville on facebook…Whatrs all the fuse about? I dont understand it.



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