This is for you Mr. Old Cafeteria Man.

I think i have a new respect for teachers. Never will i doubt a teacher at my school again. Well, thats a lie. But whatever. At least i now respect one teacher in that school. If he is even a teacher….Hmm. Thats something to think about. Anyway. Im sitting at lunch today and i take my phone out because i was gunna text my sister and be like hey whats up call me im bored man. So im sitting there. Texting. Not even trying to hide it. Because i was tired and stuff. When out of no where mr stealerofphones comes walking by and grabs my phone. He doesnt say anything. He just keeps walking. Immediatly i give him the bird(to his back of course) And then im just sitting there all pissed off cause he took my phone when this old man taps me on my shoulder. i look up and he says “here. dont tell anybody” and hands me my phone. While silently praising this unknown man mr stealerofcellphones walks by and says “I gave your phone to the office. Your parents can get it at the end of the week.” Old man you are my new hero. I will find out who you are.

That was really all i had to write about today. Wow my life is boring. Thats all.


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