I Should Probably Be Doing Something Else.

So, today in last period the chick next to me asked if i could put music on her mp3. Yeah, sure i have no problem with that. So i tell her to just write a list of songs she wants on there. And when i tell you that i am greatly disapointed in todays musical society i mean it. What logical person would listen to a song titled “We be steady mobbin” by a man who has the word “Lil” before his actual name. Is he a midget? No. Then whats up with the “Lil Wayne”? Is there some sort of message there? What exactly is he saying with the “Lil”? Anywa, she also has the song “Fireflies” by “Owl City”. That would be perfectly fine. If she actually listened to one of there songs besides that one due to the fact that “Fireflies” was the only song on the radio. I asked her if she liked Owl City and she said yeah i love them there so good. But when i pressed for further information like which song she liked besides fireflies she came up blank. I think that im going to completly ignore this list and show her what real music is. I wonder what her reaction to Bloodhound Gangs The Bad Touch would be? Hmm. Deffinitly going to put that on there. But in other news, Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I dont really have an excuse. Except for laziness. Hmm. What else do i have to say here? Not much. Wow isnt this exciting?



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