This Is Rubish.

Dear Friend, You know who I speak of is you. I have no doubt that you will soon realize what a grave mistake you have made. The fact that you would refuse me in a time of need. Oh how it greatly saddens me. After all we have been through. Im not sure you recognize the dame you will have done. Im sure that you will indeed survive the catastrophe with out a doubt due to your preparedness. I only hoped that you would try to extend a hand toward me in what im sure will be our darkest our. Maybe you dont realize the full extent of your desicion not to take me in. Your moment of complete regret will come though. I assure you that. Because i vow to return. After the tragic death im sure will end me, i will come back. As one of the very beings who took me. Due to your selfishness. And when i do, i will come straight for you. Maybe you will hesitate. Maybe you wont. Maybe I will finish you off by eating your brains. But maybe i’ll just do it quickly. Maybe i wont make you suffer. Maybe i will just infect you and then leave you to cope.

And maybe, just maybe, by the time the ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE has come you will have come to your senses. And we will stand side by side as you fight off ZOMBIES with the unatural skill you have while i stand and watch. I know you dont see it now, but i think i would be of great use in the event of a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE. Your going to need an alarm. For when the ZOMBIES are coming forward to eat you. and we both know that i would do well with that job. For when presented with a horde of mutated beings who are about to eat us we all know that i would be screaming profanity’s the loudest.

Dear Friend. I urge you to reconsider. Please dont leave me to die alone at the hands or teeth shall I say of a diseased creature. I beg you. Save a place beside you. Please. Save Me.


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