Here It Goes Here It Goes Here It Goes Again.

Hello. Been a while. I’v been away on…erm…well i’v been busy. Meaning i’v really been to lazy to update. Anyway. Enough of the excuses.

Random thought. If you could have anyone in the world it would make sense for you to want your best friend right? What if they wanted you too?

Dont mind my blabbering. Its late. Im tired. Cant sleep.

That was all. Really dont understand why I bother.

Guten Nacht.



I Miss You.

I miss so many things. So many people. So many places. I miss home. I miss how I used to laugh at everything and nothing. I miss you guys. I miss the silence that none of us ever felt the need to fill. I miss coming home from school to an empty house, getting online just to have someone message me and tell me to come out. I miss walking around the park. I miss doing absolutley nothing and not being bored. I miss going to the mall even though we never went to buy stuff. I miss being hungry and going and buying a box of cereal and then walking around the mall eating it. I miss how none of you thought that was wierd. I miss sitting in the target hallway. I miss stareing at the people that walked by. I miss singing to our ipods while strangers stared at us like we were crazy. I miss seeing who could get the most guys to sign our arms. I miss walking into your house when nobody else was home and just collapsing on your bed. I miss how you would always sleep on the floor and how i slept in your bed. I miss waking up and wanting to kick your tv through the window. I miss getting up in the morning and then just walking home without shoes in my orange shirt and fuzzy purple cat pants half asleep holding my bear. I miss how honestly didnt care if anyone saw me. I miss walking halfway to get you just to walk the rest of the way back to my house or yours. I miss making fun of your ugly dog that always peed in the kitchen. I miss how i could make you go get me food while i used your computer. I miss how you didnt even think about it when i showed up in the night and needed to sleep in your bed. I miss how you didnt say anything when i cried. I miss how your mom was completly okay with me practically moving in with you. I miss the fact that no matter how many things i said about your mother you never hated me. I miss getting you in trouble in art and english. I miss making you do my work in marshalls class. I miss screaming quadropalegic at you. I miss how you listened to me go on and on about george or whatever we called him. I miss shoving you into people on the way to english. I miss you letting me copy off you in english because i was to lazy to do the work myself. I miss how everytime he switched our seats we would just sit next to each other again. I miss you making me sit still so you could draw me. I miss you yelling at me because i wouldnt sit still. I miss the firebreathingdragon. I miss how you almost made my arm go numb when you realized we were in a perfect horror film moment. I miss how i lied and kept telling you everything was fine when inside i was thinking about which one of us would get eaten first. I miss how we both jumped when we saw that blue tarp. I miss how we ran like hell to make it back to my house before my dad woke up. I miss watching sleeping beauty with you in my tiny bed at some ungodly hour in the morning and laughing at it hysterically. I miss being able to go to you when i didnt feel good. I miss you going all Doctor on me. I miss whining about having to go to work every friday night when i secretly loved it. I miss being all your friends little sister. I miss beating the crap out of each other even though i always lost. I miss talking to you every day. I miss you calling me a spoiled brat. I miss the rare days when we actually liked each other. I miss our AimeeDanie days. I miss you always asking me what was wrong and me lieing and saying nothing. I miss how you always knew i was lieing. I miss how you made fun of my friends. I miss how i always knew you were there. I miss going to watch the race with you every weekend. I miss going camping with you and your friends. I miss watching ncis with you all the time. I miss you yelling at me for eating on the couch. I miss how we never really used the kitchen table. I miss how we would be screaming at each other and then wake up the next morning and be fine. I miss so much.

I miss how things used to be. I miss how I used to be.

I Miss Me