They Wont See Use Waving From Such Great Heights.

Not sure if today counts as a good day or not. Pretty sure it does but there’s always something that makes it not such a good day. Like having the fact that the world really is as messed up as i think it is shoved in my face. But other than that it was pretty chill. My two new classes make my day so much better. Especially science. ūüėÄ I just got confirmation on some pretty epic stuff my dear people who i do not know….Huh. I love the fact that i go on and on like i actually know whoever is reading this. Strange. Anyway. im not currently at liberty to discuss this certain confimation but in due time. In due time. Untill then lets get some lists going. Im a fan of lists.

Reasons why I like my new creative writing class:

1. Its better than spanish.

2. It means i get to actually spend a period writing nonesense and not get yelled at for it.

3. Ha. This is a short list.

4. Did i mention it wasnt spanish?

Reasons why i like my new science class:

1. That one kid.

2. The morons in that class give me a chance to show off my amazing tellofftheworld skills.

3. It means that i go to class put down my stuff and then go straight to lunch instead of havint class then going to lunch then coming back to the same class.

4. I have a feeling the idiots in that class will provide me with endless humor due to their stupidity.

5. Oh. Yea. That one kid.

Farmville on facebook…Whatrs all the fuse about? I dont understand it.



Whats Really On My Mind…WTF

Today my creative writing teacher told us to write whats really on our mind. I seriously wanted to point out the fact that half of the subjects on that classes minds were probably inapropriate so they just wrote bullshit. But i didnt. Lame. Science was good. So was lunch. And after school waiting for the bus. that was chill too. Reasons? You dont need to know. Yet. Blah my food is done. Bye for now.

And You Were Crying That One Time.

Im sure all of my friends will end up having a whole post to themselves but you are the first. Be proud. Or not. Why dont i tell those of you who arnt the person im speaking about a little about the person im speaking about? Whoa. Did anyone else understand that? Anyway. Im not going to mention names here because she already knows who she is. And thats my lover. My future wife. The only person i would ever watch sleeping beauty with at an ungodly hour in the morning. She’s who im hidding behind when the zombie apocolypse comes. And me and her will repopulate the world after¬†everyone else dies because they failed to plan¬†for the zombie death¬†raid. You may think thats scientificly impossible but we will find a way. Oh we¬†will.¬†And wether she likes it or not she will get me a tyedye toilet. Dont doubt it. She will find one. As i breifly mentioned in a previous post there is nothing we can say to each other that will even remotley unhinge the other person. Im pretty sure we have both gone overboard with the your mother jokes. And we will continue to do so. When we first met she hated my guts as she has told me many times. And now even though she is currently having a minor british fling she loves me. I dont understand how you go from hating someone to making plans to marry and move to amsterdam/canada but apparently she can. She is the only reason i passed english last year. I was so extremly lazy in that class so i copied everything from her. And she never said a word. I dont know how she stands me but i love the fact that she does. The first time she was ever in my house she just walked into my kitchen and stood there. Then she screamed MAKE ME FOOD WOMAN and proceeded to sit on my counter and watch while i made her macaroni and cheese. I was the one who taught her to put pepper on it. It taste so much better that way. Anyway. What im saying here is that this girl is pretty much better than anyone of your friends. She is and will be¬†one of my best friends for life.¬†Im almost done with expressing my faggetry for you darling.

I want to thank you for being a part of my forget-me-nots and marigolds.

I love you.

Twilight: The Struggle To Choose Between Beastiality And Necrophiliasm.

Just a random idea here. Does anyone else despise conversations that go: “Hey.” ” Hi.” “Whats up?” “Oh nothing really,you?” “Same.” “Cool.” Seriously. If thats how your conversations normally go then just quit talking to that person.

But anyway. You should all do me a favor. 

Go have a look at this.

Pretty please?

Wow. These posts keep getting shorter and shorter. Whatever. At least this blog lasted longer than a day. Slightly proud of myself for that.

He Had A Plan To Kill You All Along

I dont like being an insomniatic.

And i thought you should all know that there are currently two people outside my window. What are they doing there at two seventeen in the morning? Covering the whole window with snow. Yes. They are filling the window with snow so i cant see out.

I dont understand either.

Holy Dogs In Space Suits.

Ello puppet.

My previous assumption was wrong and it is in fact snowing again today. Which means we had another snowday. Yay. I wanted to go outside but had no one to come with me. So i sat inside and glanced back and forth between the tv and the window. Pretty boring. And so is this post. Im really just posting so i can mention this:

I think there is a slight possibility that i am being haunted. My evidence:¬†The overhead light in my room. It keeps flickering. Not on and off. From bright to…less bright. And it has been doing this for a few days….No i am not sure how that translates into me being haunted but i dont have any other excuse for why it keeps doing that. Agh! It just did it again. Its like it knows im talking about it…..Which begs the question “Can inanimate objects know things?” Hrmmmm. PonderPonderPonder.

And with that.

I leave you.

So long.

And goodnight.

Whoopdeedoo For Snow Days.

Hello. I am finding it difficult to type due to the frozeness of my hands. It snowed today. Which was….great and pathetic at the same time. Not alot of it stuck to the ground. It will probably all be gone by tommorow. Oh how i will miss you snow.

Anyway, apperently the state of tennesse gets out of school not only for snow. But for the temperature too. We also have no school tommorow because it is going to be to cold…..I dont understand that. Anyone ever hear of a jacket? However, if the powers that be do not wihs to get out of bed therefor canceling school i refuse to stand in there way. Its against my morals. Or something like that.

The snow reminded me of last year when all of my dads friends got together and built a huge snow man. And by huge i mean litterally. A bulldozer was used. No. Not a bulldozer….The one with the arm thingy that can like pick stuff up and more it….Whatever. Needless to say, it was there for a while. Of course they had to do this when my leg was broken so all i could do was just kinda hobble around and watch. It was still fun.

By the way. I know its really early but who’s doing NaNoWriMo?

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