Here’s to you Ms.White. And kid from science class.

So. A few things I have to hit on today so lets jump right in.

1: In the hopes that you one day stumble across this i would like to thank you. For all the notes and your help. I just got my blue notebook back and i read your note in it and it is now on my wall of things. And the name of that song is We’re All Wasted by Cartel. I hope you read this someday and contact me. Or not. Whichever. I know you will make a great teacher.

2: I finally got to switch out of my spanish class today. It was amazing to walk in to that womens class, hand her my textbook. And then just walk out. Liberating ya know? Maybe that isnt the right word. Oh well. Im using it anyway. Get over it.

3: The class i am now taking instead of that was only available during 3rd period so they switched my science with that. Which means im in creative writing and then a different science. Same teacher. Just a different period. Writing pretty cool i guess. Didnt do much today.

4: My new science class is deffinitly going to be amazing. Mainly due to a kid coming up to me and the conversation going like this: Him: Hi. what are you doing?” Me: “Oh nothing just scribbleing” Him: “Okay. My names (insertnameherewhichiwontdoforreasonsandnoihavntforgottenityet).” He holds out his hand. Me: “Im Aimee” takes his hand to shake it. Him: “Or you could hug me” Me: *Hugs* After a bit more blahblahblah I mentioned i was from new york. Him: “thats ironic.” Me: “…Why?” Him: ” Im from new york too. I moved here in the middle of last year.” That automatically made him cooler than anyone in that class. And im eating lunch with him next time i show up to school. Can anyone say new best friend?

5: There was no number five.

And that concludes my list.





Spirit of delusion.

About my blog name. Ate. Not like consume food. Ate was a greek goddess of mischeif. The spirit of delusion, infatuation, blind folly, rash action and reckless impulse who led both gods and men down the path to ruin. She is the daughter of Zues and Eris. eris was a pretty cool chick. The goddess of discord and strife. She was sinester and mean. Her greatest joy was making trouble. Oh yeah. Lynns my middle name.

Shot out to the KoalaMan.

Thanks for doing my header. You get a whole post all for you.

Somebody get Remus Lupin a flea collar.

Im currently watching Harry Potter. Why? Well why not? At least its not Twilight. Oh yes. I went there. Not going to get into this really. I’ll just say this. The books were fine. I read them. Then the movie came. And i was instantly not a fan. Kristen stewert. Bleh. Robbert pattinson. Wash your hair you dirty scoundrel. Taylor lautner. Isnt the only movie you have ever been in some disney movie? And by the way. VAMPIRES DO NOT FUCKING SPARKLE. THEY HAVE NEVER SPARKLED NOR SHOULD THEY EVER SPARKLE. The only part of that movie i enjoyed was the part when bella fell going to her car. I litterally fell of the couch laughing at that point. Much to the amusment of my best friends. Oh what? friends? How do i go from Harry Potter to friends? My thought process is messed up man. What to say about my friends. Well (OHMYGODIJUSTNOTICEDTHETOPOFTHISPAGESAYSHOWDYATELYNN) Most of them should be commited.  And i love them for that. They have never once doubted my world domination plan and they put up with my tendency to read while they are talking to me. Im not going to name names here. But i bet they can figure this out. if they ever actually read this. Unlikely. In no certain order:

1. What to say about you. I dont even know. You were just always there. Always. And even now that i live over a thousand miles away i know your still there. I know i have thanked you for this amillion times but thank you. For dealing with me crashing in your house that whole week. And not saying a word when i stole your pillow. And i will be eternaly greatful for that and so much more.

2. You fire breathing dragon, will always be my best friend. Because seriously what havnt i said to you? i can honestly not think of one terrible think that you wouldnt just say “Oh. Whatever man. S’all cool.” to. And you know its true. We did not do enough adventuring before i left so be prepared my friend. One sandpit excursion is not enough.

3. Well. Your pretty rad. And were not as good friends as we once were. But its better than when we were seven and i hated you. All because you used to lean out your window and scream whenever anyone went by. I want to chase away little kids screaming “get off my lawn you holigans” with you forever.

4………..And now im done. Because i dont feel like writing anymore. What is up with these post all ending because i give up? Oh well. By the way. If anyone runs in to harry potter be sure to ask him if his scar senses are tingling. Good day.

Hello second wing.

Alright ladies and gentlemens and all those inbetween. I have decided to post a rant. About what you ask? Well maybe you didnt. But you should. Always ask questions. Unless a big man with a gun tells you to do something. In that case just go with the flow. Anyway. Let me tell you something about the penitentiary they call a school. Dont get me wrong. Im all up for education and whathaveyou but they way this school does it is just…rather….well lets just say its not to my liking. Im going to start with my loathing of having to start each morning off with a chat during which i am in-mindedly(so not a word)beating my head against a wall. For even that would be better than conversing with my neighbor. The typical all american boy. He pretends he’s good at sprts. He is in band and oh yes. He does truely believe that every girl on the planet is in love with him. He goes hunting regularly and then feels the need to share this with me. He often whips out his cell phone to show me pictures of dead animals which makes me gag. Now i could go on all day about how much this particular person is the reason for so many world disasters but i think i’ll spare you and move on. Now by the time i get to school i have already had to put up with a whole thirty minutes of the delightful comments of my fellow classmates who i have the joy of sharing a bus ride with. Bleh. So first period is english. Which if i ahd to choose would be my favorite. The humor that class provides me with lasts me untill the end of second period at least. In no way do i consider myself the least bit better than anyone else but when it comes to this class, lets just say the students arent exactly brainiacs. Wow i am seriously sounding mean. Sorry for offending anyone. Deal with it. Second period is math and uneventful most days. Third period is interesting and incredibly boring at the same time. The teacher is….Well to put it bluntly he is deffinitly taking some type of drug. He dozes off most of the time and he mumbles making it impossibe to understand him on the rare occasions he actually teaches. Normally we watch a movie or do work sheets. We have been doing the same work sheet since schoo started. He just rewords the questions. Fourth period is where things get dicey for me. Untill now i had spanish. And i am so glad to be out of that class even though i havnt actually started my new class considering im still on christmas break. I have been in a spanish class for four years now. 6th 7th 8th and 9th grade. For some unexplainable reason i still do not know very much spanish. Me and the spanish teacher do not exactly get along. After that im forced to sit though a gym class which is excruciating. My last period of the day is alright. As long as the teacher actually teaches and doesnt go on and on about her billions of children and god. And yes. I dare mention god on the internet which im sure will bring many comments if any one actually reads this. But seriously. Does this woman not know there is a law against teaching religion in schools? I mean yea go ahead lady believe whatever you want to but please just dont go preaching to me. I dont like it. As i currently live in a “bible belt” i am forced to deal with all kinds of religion crap in school. Wow this is a really long rant. And on that note. I bid adieu to whomever has wandered upon this blog.

Introduction to no one.

Hello interwebs. I would be Aimee. If you are looking for actual content or amusment look else where. The following will mainly be me rambling about absolutely nothing. It is currently 12:43 in the AM. I should be sleeping and im incredibly tired but sleeping is vastly overrated. Wait. Maybe I should tell who ever you are about me? Assuming you dont know me. Or anyone is actually reading this. Anyway. Im Aimee. Already said that. Im fifteen but who cares? I live in my mind and rarely step outside. Which would explain paleness of my skin. Im a sophmore at an incredibly moronic school where all the teachers have it out for me. And no im not being paranoid. They realy are. But im sure i will soon post an entire blog filling you(whoever that may be) in on that later. What else….Im a vegetarian. Wow i am so lacking things to write about here. I can already tell that im going to give up on this in a few days. Maybe not. We’ll see. Sorry to cut this short folks but im beggining to bore myself. Farwell dear unknown subjects.